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For login and password issues, please contact the NANPA Customer Support Desk at 1-866-623-2282 or via email at You may use the same email address to ask a question or request information. Please include your name and email address.

NANPA Regional Offices
2411 Dulles Corner Park Suite 250
Herndon, VA 20171

NANPA Customer Support Desk
Tel: 1-866-623-2282
Fax: 571-363-3838

NANPA Organization Directory
Name Title Phone Email
Florence Weber Senior Director, NANPA 925-420-0340
Heidi Wayman Manager, Data Management 571-363-3824
Jesse Armstrong Senior Data Analyst 925-420-0342
Cecilia McCabe NPA Relief Planner 925-420-0130
LaShanda Tomlinson Senior NRUF Administrator 571-363-3826
Linda Hymans Senior Manager, Contract Performance 925-420-0345
Tara Farquhar Manager, Industry Relations & Customer Education 925-420-0349
CO Code/Thousands-Block Resources
Name Title Phone Email
Dara Flowers Manager, Resource Administration 925-420-0367
Kevin Gatchell Senior Resource Administrator 925-420-0344
Agnes Rom Resource Administrator 925-420-0129
Margaret Harrell-Simington Resource Administrator 925-420-0346
David Morgan Resource Administrator 571-363-3823
Patricia Soderland Resource Administrator 571-363-3828
Other NANP Resources
Name Title Phone Email
Kirsten Bachar-Perez Manager, Specialty Resources 571-363-3825
Diane Calhoun Specialty Resources/Customer Service Representative 925-420-0368
Jeffrey Galeano Specialty Resources/Customer Service Representative 925-420-0369
Teri Laslo AOCN/Customer Service Representative 571-363-3829
RND Organizational Directory
Name Title Phone Email
Beth Sprague Director, RNDA 571-363-3821
Al Cipparone RND Manager 571-363-3822
John Auerbach RND Administrator 925-420-0343
2021 NANPA Holiday Schedule
January 1st New Years Day
May 31st Memorial Day
July 5th Independence Day
September 6th Labor Day
November 25th Thanksgiving Day
December 27th Christmas
2022 NANPA Holiday Schedule
January 3rd New Years Day
May 30th Memorial Day
July 4th Independence Day
September 5th Labor Day
November 24th Thanksgiving Day
December 26th Christmas

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