NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities
NANPA Activities

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For login and password issues, please contact the NAS Customer Support Desk at 1-866-623-2282 or via email at You may use the same email address to ask a question or request information. Please include your name and email address.

NANPA Regional Offices
21575 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, VA 20166
Organizational Directory
E-mail format is
Name Title Phone Fax
Amy Putnam Senior Director 717-232-5533
Industry Liaison
Beth Sprague Industry Liaison 571-434-5513 571-434-5502
Code Administration
Beth Sprague Director 571-434-5513 571-434-5502
Patricia Soderland Code Administrator 571-434-5348 571-434-5502
David Morgan Code Administrator 571-434-5381 571-434-5502
Kirsten Bachar-Perez Code Administrator 571-434-3438 571-434-5502
Teri Laslo AOCN Administrator 571-434-4694 571-434-5502
NAS Help Desk 866-623-2282
NANP Resources (CICs, 5XX, 900)
Nancy Fears Mgr. - Numbering (CICs, 5XX, 900) 941-342-7708 571-434-5502
NPA Relief Planning
Heidi Wayman NPA Relief Planner 571-434-5765 571-434-5502
Data Analysis and NRUF
Jesse Armstrong Data Analysis 303-802-1305 571-434-5502
Al Cipparone NRUF Manager 571-434-5789 571-434-5502
La Shanda Tomlinson Senior NRUF Administrator 571-434-4671 571-434-5502
Contact List
Topic Contact Phone Fax
5XX-NXX Codes Nancy Fears 941-342-7708 571-434-5502
900-NXX Codes Nancy Fears 941-342-7708 571-434-5502
Area Codes Beth Sprague 571-434-5513 571-434-5502
ANI-II Digits Beth Sprague 571-434-5513 571-434-5502
Central Office Codes For more information on how to contact a code administrator for a specific area click here.
CICs Nancy Fears 941-342-7708 571-434-5502
800-855 Line Numbers Nancy Fears 941-342-7708 571-434-5502
Vertical Service Codes Beth Sprague 571-434-5513 571-434-5502
2018 NANPA Holiday Schedule
January 1st New Years Day
May 28th Memorial Day
July 4th US Independence Day
September 3rd Labor Day
November 22nd and 23rd Thanksgiving
December 25th Christmas

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