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Rating and Routing Data Entry (AOCN)


Once a central office code (NXX) or a thousand-block (NXX-X) has been assigned, it is the responsibility of the service provider to ensure that the data included in the Part 2 of the central office code application and the Part2A of the thousands-block application be entered into the inconectiv's Business Integrated Routing & Rating Database System (BIRRDS). The Part 2 forms are located at The service provider may enter its own data or may have another company to do it. Each company that provides this data entry service has an assigned Administrative Operating Company Number (AOCN). Selecting a company to provide the service is referred to as "selecting an AOCN." For more detail on selecting or changing an AOCN, see below. A list of companies that provide AOCN services is on the Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) web site.

NANPA is required to provide AOCN services. For more information about NANPA's AOCN service and fees, contact Heidi Wayman, Senior AOCN Administrator (571-434-5765) or Beth Sprague, Regional Director NANPA Code Administration (571-434-5513).

NANPA AOCN Fee Schedule

Fees charged by NANPA for AOCN services have two components:

1. Entry/Update Fee
For each newly-assigned central office code or thousands-block for which data is entered (or for each previously-entered central office code or thousands-block for which data is changed), NANPA charges a fee. For the current fee schedule, please call 571-434-5513 or 571-434-5765.

2. Annual Maintenance Fee
Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) imposes an annual maintenance charge on records in BIRRDS. The amount of the charge varies from year to year, and is proportional to the number of records that the AOCN maintains in BIRRDS on behalf of the service provider. If the service provider uses the services of an external AOCN, TRA bills the AOCN rather than the code holder. NANPA passes these charges on to its AOCN clients with an additional 10% rebilling charge.

Changing/Selecting Your AOCN

A service provider may change from one AOCN to another at any time. Should that occur, it is the service provider's responsibility to ensure that all of its BIRRDS records are transferred from the current AOCN to a new AOCN. Here are the specific steps required to change an AOCN and to make the necessary records transfer:

  • Select the AOCN option that is best for your company.
    You may:
    • Become your own AOCN. This would allow your company to enter its own "Part 2" data into BIRRDS.
    • Make arrangements with a data entry service provider to be your AOCN. The AOCN would be responsible for entering your company's "Part 2" data into BIRRDS.
    Details regarding these two alternatives are available either by contacting Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) at 866-672-6997 or by accessing the TRA web site.

    Should you elect to choose another company to serve as your AOCN, you will need to address the items below:
  • Determine whom your company wants to designate as its new AOCN.
    • Identify the terms, conditions, pricing, and contractual obligations that may be required by the company that you are interested in designating as your new AOCN.
    • Identify any remaining contractual obligations that your company may have with your current AOCN.
  • Establish a formal business arrangement with your new AOCN. Verify that that all required agreements are in place before proceeding to the next step.
  • Negotiate a mutually acceptable effective date for transfer of AOCN responsibility. Your company and your new AOCN must all agree on this date.
  • Prepare a "Records to be Transferred" list. This list MUST identify the following:
    • All OCNs that have records to be transferred
    • The name of the company currently serving as your AOCN
    • The name of the company that will become your new AOCN
    • Specific central office codes and thousands-blocks affected
    • Specific switches/POIs affected
    • Specific interconnect tandems affected
    • Specific LRNs (Location Routing Numbers for Local Number Portability - LNP)
    • Special calling card information, if any
    • Business office information, if any
    • Contact person within your company (name, voice number, e-mail address)
    • Contact person in current AOCN company (name, voice number, e-mail address)
    • Contact person in new AOCN company (name, phone number, e-mail address)
    • Effective date of the AOCN change (date on which specified records will be transferred)
  • Prepare a "Change of AOCN" authorization letter. Indicate in the letter that your new AOCN will formally accept responsibility for the maintenance and input of your routing and rating records. Include as an Attachment a copy of the "Records to be Transferred" list.
  • Send the appropriate "Change of AOCN" authorization letter, along with the "Records to be Transferred" list, to the new AOCN.
    • Your new AOCN is to sign the letter provided.
    • Your new AOCN is to send a copy of the signed "Change of AOCN" authorization letter along with a copy of the "Records to be Transferred" list to your company for file.
    • Your new AOCN is to forward the signed original "Change of AOCN" authorization letter along with a copy of the "Records to be Transferred" list to TRA.
  • Follow-up on the "Change of AOCN" authorization letter.
    • Verify that the "Records to be Transferred" list is attached to the signed copy of the "Change of AOCN" authorization letter.
    • Contact the new AOCN if a copy of the signed "Change of AOCN" authorization letter isn't received by your company within three weeks of the planned AOCN transfer effective date.
    • Further, please note that:
      • TRA requires a letter from the new AOCN before any action will be taken to transfer BIRDDS records.
      • TRA will transfer AOCN responsibility for only those NPA-NXXs, switch/POIs, interconnect tandems, etc. that are specified on the "Change of AOCN" authorization letter ("Records to be Transferred" list). If additional records are found on designated OCNs, TRA will contact the new AOCN advising them of the additional records not identified on the original list.

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