Jeopardy Procedures

NANPA has declared extraordinary jeopardy in the area codes listed below, indicating that the supply of numbers could exhaust before relief can be provided.

Following jeopardy declaration, standard interim procedures take effect immediately. Interim procedures remain in effect until the industry can develop "final" jeopardy procedures specific to the area code. NANPA posts interim procedures to this website within one week after declaration of jeopardy.

No later than three weeks after jeopardy is declared, the industry meets, generally by conference call, to develop final jeopardy procedures. These procedures typically limit the number of central office codes that can be assigned each month. NANPA posts final jeopardy procedures to this website within two weeks after the industry reaches consensus on the content.

Existing and prospective central office code holders must monitor the list below and adjust their code application flow as required by the operative procedures.

Area Codes in Jeopardy

Questions should be directed to the NANPA Customer Support Desk:1-866-623-2282, or email:
State Jeopardy NPA(s) Date Jeopardy Declared Jeopardy Procedures
PA 484/610 6/17/21 Final
OH 513 6/17/21 Final
VA 540 5/25/21 Final
VA 757 5/25/21 Final
CA 209 12/16/20 Final
IL 618 07/11/00 Final

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