This page provides access to reports prepared by NANPA for the North American Numbering Council and others.

NPA Reports
The area served by the NANP is divided into Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs), each identified by a three-digit NPA code, commonly called an area code. The reports include information about the assignment and availability of NPA codes as well as projected NPA exhaust dates.

Central Office Code Reports
Central office codes, also known as exchanges, prefixes, or simply NXXs, are digits 4, 5 and 6 of a ten-digit geographic NANP telephone number. The reports that provide information about the assignment and availability of central office codes by geographic area code.

Area Code Relief Planning Reports
NANPA produces various reports and other documents concerning area code relief planning activities. This information identifies NPA relief planning projects underway as well as other information and documentation that elaborates on the relief planning process.

5XX NXX Reports
5XX-NXX codes are to be used for applications which are non-geographic in nature, are not assigned to rate centers and may or may not traverse the PSTN. The use of this NANP numbering resource is to communicate with both fixed and mobile devices, some of which may be unattended.

900 NXX Reports
900 numbers are used for premium services, The cost of each 900 call, which depends on the service, is billed to the calling party.

Carrier Identification Codes
Carrier identification codes (CICs) are used to route and bill calls in the public switched telephone network. CICs are four-digit codes in the format XXXX, where X is any digit from 0 through 9. Separate CIC pools are maintained for Feature Group B (line side) access and Feature group D (trunk side) access.

555 Line Numbers
555 line numbers, in the format 555-XXXX, are no longer available for assignment.

NANPA Annual Report
Each year, NANPA publishes its annual report. The report provides a general overview of the North American Numbering Plan and the status of all of the numbering resources administered by the NANPA. It summarizes the NPA relief planning efforts undertaken in the year as well as NRUF activities. Detailed NANPA performance measurements are also included. NPA assignment information, including dialing plans, is provided in the report. Finally, the report captures the relevant events and activities that impacted number administration.

NANC Report
NANPA provides ongoing reports to the North American Numbering Council (NANC), a Federal Advisory Committee to the Federal Communications Commission. At each NANC meeting, NANPA provides an overview of NPA and central office code assignment and relief activity. In addition, these reports contain information on current topics of interest to the NANC.

FCC Reports
Reports submitted to the FCC as required by the contract.

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