Central Office Code Reports

Below are reports and other information concerning Central Office code administration.


Central Office Code Administration Information

  • Getting Started with CO Code Requests (pdf) - Provides a list of helpful tips to assist new service providers in getting started with the central office code request process.
  • Getting Started for Interconnected VoIP Providers (pdf) - Provides information to assist those entities with approved interconnected VoIP numbering authorization applications with the central office code request process.
  • Evidence of State Certification (pdf) - Identifies what each state regulatory authority requires for evidence of certification to provide local service. This evidence must be included with any request for an initial code.
  • State PUC Numbering Contacts (xlsx) - Provides a list of state regulatory contacts for numbering issues.
  • Safety Valve Process (pdf) - This process is used by a service provider that initially makes an application for numbering resources and is denied by the resource administrator because the applicant does not meet the resource assignment requirements as stated in industry guidelines (e.g., months to exhaust (MTE) or utilization requirements). The service provider may appeal to the state regulatory to override the guidelines and permit the assignment of the resource. This matrix outlines the process for various states that participate in the safety valve process. If a state does not participate in the process, the safety valve request is submitted to the FCC.
  • Central Office Code Reclamation Procedures - Overview of the central office code reclamation process.
  • Central Office Code Reclamation Contact List - Provides a list of state and federal regulatory contacts for reclamation issues.
  • Summary of Rate Center Consolidations - Provides a summary of rate center consolidation activity in the U.S. from 2005 to the present.
  • Jeopardy Procedures - Listing of NPAs in which jeopardy has been declared. Also included are the CO code assignment procedures in effect for the NPA.

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