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900-NXX Assignments

900 numbers are used for premium services, with the cost of each 900 call is billed to the calling party.

900 numbers are in the format 900-NXX-XXXX. 900-NXX codes, each subsuming a block of 10,000 numbers, are assigned to service providers who provide and typically bill for premium services. These service providers, in turn, assign individual numbers to their customers.

Potential customers in search of a particular 900 number should download and review current 900-NXX assignments, find the NXX for the number they want, and contact the service provider listed to determine if the number and service they want is available. Unlike toll free numbers, 900 numbers are not portable, so 900 numbers may not be ported from one service provider to another.

NANPA assigns 900-NXX codes are assigned to premium service providers according to the guidelines developed by the ATIS-sponsored Industry Numbering Committee. Note that NANPA does not provide or bill for 900 service.

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